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Welcome to a plethora of creative ideas from knitting, crochet, painting, general crafting, and more. Meander around; I am sure you will find something you will love.
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Using my hands to create beautiful things is my passion

I really don't remember a time that I wasn't creating something. Even as a child. Most of them were mere thoughts than actual completed projects, but it was just as much fun to think about them. It still holds true, I still have more ideas than time (even to jot them down on paper), however, once in a great while I will sit down and create a great pattern for a knitting or crochet project or an idea for my home decor, etc. Some projects are actually pins that I have pinned on Pinterest that I loved and wanted to give a try. I hope that you will enjoy what I share here and that you will be inspired to create perhaps some of the patterns or tutorials you will find on my blog or become excited about creating some of your own. I would love to hear and see what you've done!

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Stash Busting 10 Stitch Twist Blanket

Stash Busting 10 Stitch Twist Blanket A Knitting Pattern by Frankie Brown   Bust That Stash If you have been knitting or crocheting as long as I have you probably are overrun with a huge amount of leftover bits of yarn. I sometimes wonder if it, in some way, it doesn’t multiply on its own. […]

Quick and Easy Stella Shrug Knitting Pattern

Stella – An Easy Shrug Knitting Pattern   March…in like a lion, out like a lamb. That is the old adage. My mother always said it, and it is generally true. The forecast was calling for a pretty serious Nor’easter to head up the coast on March 12-15, 2017. The lion showed up a little […]

Quick and Easy DIY Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnets

Quick and Easy DIY Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnets How many times have you been asked…”Is the dishwasher clean?”. No more with these handy quick and easy DIY clean dirty dishwasher magnets. You probably have all of the materials needed to complete it already in your craft supplies. Materials Needed Scrapbook paper of your choice Sheet magnet […]